Towards the vision of the world computer — Watch the Swarm update from EthCC!

EthCC is a major date every year in the crypto calendar, so no surprise that the official announcement of the Swarm MVP took place in Paris last week. Amongst the many exciting talks on DApps, Gregor shared Swarm’s vision on the future of decentralized storage.

Unstoppable applications need unstoppable storage

The ecosystem already faces challenges of how to deal with private or big data on the blockchain. Swarm’s features come handy when it comes to access control and privacy and can complement where the blockchain stops. The Swarm MVP release is a step towards providing a fully decentralized environment for DApp devs to get creative and bring their ideas to life.

Watch Gregor’s talk to hear all the details:

Here you can watch the demo that we recorded in absence of the French keyboard and the evil conference demo fairies:

Ok, but who will use those unstoppable DApps?

Your popular DApp can be unstoppable on Swarm now. With the guarantee that the data stored on Swarm will be readable, you can easily spin up your node and pin the data. But how to onboard end-users without teaching them all the crypto magic? Daniel A. Nagy presented a solution for the zero Eth onboarding problem:

Now that Swarm can be used as a staging environment for DApp developers, a major milestone was achieved on our roadmap towards Swarm 1.0. But this is just the beginning of the year, so get ready for the next big hit: the Book of Swarm. More details are coming within a few days.

Let’s stay in touch!

The Swarm team is reachable on Mattermost.

Discussions about Swarm on /r/ethswarm and /r/ethereum subreddits.

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