🎉 Swarm Foundation is happy to announce the next stage of the Airdrop: the selection of trusted nodes.

In this blog post, Swarm announces two important changes with respect to the final stages of the airdrop:

  1. There are over 5000 trusted nodes
  2. The amount of BZZ that will be airdropped has been increased
  3. All tokens will be airdropped directly on the xDai network, skipping the consolidation phase on Goerli

5000 trusted nodes

Due to the overwhelming success of the testnet and the seriously gigantic scale of the response to our call for node operators, the selection of trusted nodes has been expanded to…

Last month was an amazing one for the Swarm team and the Swarm Foundation. Two very important milestones were achieved, and it’s fair to say they marked the beginning of a new era of Swarm.

First, the public token sale happened on 14 June 2021. Some 25,000 more people are now proud owners of BZZ token. Second, Swarm 1.0 was launched on mainnet.

The mainnet launch was celebrated with an online event, where the dev team explained what Swarm 1.0 is and what the plans are for the nearest future. Some really nice demos from the ecosystem followed, featuring some…

Last month, Swarm released Bee 1.0, and finalised its token sale. During this incredibly busy week, other projects and tools were released. In this article, you will find an overview of the tools and projects the Bee-JS team has published.

Bee-js 1.0

Bee-js is a javascript library that exposes Bee’s decentralised storage functionalities and makes it easy to use them in javascript-based projects. A new version was released last week which fully supports the Bee 1.0 version and provides full Bee API support.

The Swarm team uses this library to build user-facing tools and web applications. It is well-tested and considered mature…

With the launch of its mainnet, Swarm has reached what is probably the most important milestone in its existence. The Ethereum mainnet, however, is very expensive for the sort of transactions Swarm Bee generates. So Swarm has opted to use xDAI as a scaling solution.

xDAI is an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible blockchain. Unlike the Ethereum mainnet, it is a proof-of-stake network. This means that instead of having to resort to proof-of-work to mine blocks, validators agree on the veracity of the chain. Thanks to this, gas costs and transaction times are drastically lower than with the Ethereum mainnet. …

It’s official! The Swarm team is proud to announce that the Swarm mainnet has launched.

Bee 1.0 has been released and is running on mainnet. This means everybody can now join in creating the Swarm mainnet network. This is a historical moment in the history of Swarm.

Node operators that wish to continue operating testnet nodes should start their nodes anew and should cash out cheques before updating. You can still run a testnet Bee: it helps the dev team to have a quality testing environment.

What do node operators need to do?

Node operators can download and run Bee…

Today, the Swarm team is releasing Bee v1.0-rc4. Node operators who have been running testnet nodes can now update to this new version. Take this opportunity to participate in the final days of the airdrop campaign.

Before updating, cash out all cheques. Once this is done, Bee nodes can be updated as normal. Caution: v0.6.2 stamped chunks need to be re-uploaded and restamped with v1.0-rc4.

In preparation for the upcoming mainnet release, the network ID of the testnet has been changed from 1 to 10.

Make sure that the network ID is set to this new default value of 10…

The airdrop is coming to an end. And what a ride it has been. Since the announcement of the airdrop, the Swarm network has grown from 200 Bee nodes to hundreds of thousands of Bees all over the globe.

Many wonderful people have joined the Swarm community and contributed greatly to the quality of the Swarm software, community and documentation. To each of you: thanks!

The end of the airdrop marks the start of a new journey; please join the mainnet or continue operating nodes on the testnet, thereby contributing to Swarm’s mission to empower digital freedom.

If you have…

The last month has been very busy for the Swarm dev team. The Swarm v0.6 release has had exciting new features added. Some crucial changes have been made and Bee node operators need to update their nodes.

For more detailed information on what was going on last month, please read the track updates here below.

  • Rolled out Bee v0.6
    1. Postage stamps
    2. Light nodes
    3. Bandwidth incentives time settlement
    4. Re-implementation of our main API, all uploads and downloads now go via /bzz
    5. Many improvements to harden the network
  • Preparations for rolling out Bee v1.0
    1. Bandwidth incentives price…

Swarm Foundation is proud to announce that Swarm 1.0 is live on mainnet. This special release will be celebrated with an online event, Swarm One, where the developer teams will explain everything users need to know about the first mainnet release and what to expect in the future.

Register for the Swarm One event!

When: 21 June 2021 at 15:00 CET
Where: register for the event here

About Swarm 1.0

Swarm 1.0 is the result of truly hard work: extensive research, experimentation, and iterations on the software, with several releases throughout the year. Today, Swarm is both simpler and more…

The Swarm Mainnet Launch will be complete on June 21st.

As of June 10, the token contract has been deployed to mainnet. The address is:


Feel free to check out the token contract on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x19062190b1925b5b6689d7073fdfc8c2976ef8cb

With the deployment of the BZZ token, an important milestone has been established.

Shortly, the latest Swarm client, named “Bee 1.0 release candidate”, will be released. It will be tagged version 1.0-rc.

It is important for node-operators to know that updating to this version before distribution of the tokens is not recommended, since the Bee 1.0 release candidate requires mainnet BZZ to fully…

Ethereum Swarm

Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes that create a decentralised storage. Website: https://www.ethswarm.org/

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