March was as busy as always. The team was focusing on bug fixes and performance enhancements. A new version of the bee-js was released and a new Swarm release is around the corner, too.

Important — with the next Swarm release, some major changes will happen. If you are running a Bee node, please follow our communication channels closely as you will need to update your nodes if you want them to continue working properly.

Bee Track

  • Released Bee v0.5.3
  • Started onboarding of 4 new developers to the Bee team
  • Worked on variable pricing:
  1. Merged changes needed to communicate prices
  2. Started work…

Dear Swarm supporters and Bee users,

Over the past few weeks, in an effort to improve the user experience and resource usage of Bee, we’ve been looking into various issues that have been reported by the community. This release has plenty of improvements to performance, node configurability, and metrics as well as the usual refactorings and cleanups. We’d like to thank all of you for your significant contributions, be they with bug reports, PRs of all sorts, debugging profiles or just test-driving version candidates on our Discord channels! …

Only one month after we announced the 1 million BZZ tokens airdrop, the Swarm network has grown immensely. To take part in this airdrop, participants have to install and run their Bee nodes. We have received a lot of feedback from the community and the network is getting more decentralized and resilient in the testing phase than we ever thought it could be. As of today, there are more than 23,600 Bee nodes running all over the world.

Map of live Bee nodes (19.3.2021)

If you haven’t done so already, join us! Install your Bee node.

We have been releasing tutorials on how to install your…

The amount of airdropped BZZ tokens participants will receive is not determined by the number of cheques they cash out, but by the value of the actual gBzz tokens their node has earned.

We are happy to see that the network is growing and that hundreds of new nodes are being added daily. Currently, we count more than 13,700 nodes. This will make the Swarm network truly resilient and decentralized. The reality of the world computer is coming closer each day.

This weekend, a known issue with how Geth 1.10 is working for testnets became problematic. This led to the…

February has been a remarkable month for the Swarm and the Fair Data Society team. Apart from the regular work on the Swarm code, which produced a new release of Swarm (v0.5.1), the two teams joined forces and managed to pull off a really interesting hackathon event.

The seven-day hackathon was full of valuable announcements, demos, and talks. Five of the competing teams made it to the end and produced their own thin dApp on Swarm, each earning them the event’s first prize (5000 BZZZ tokens).

A 1 million BZZ token airdrop was announced, and almost five thousand new Bee…

What do you need to do to get your hands on these BZZ tokens?

This one is simple. You have to install and run your Bee node. You will need a working, well-connected, and data-rich Bee node to increase your chances of getting the BZZ. The more you contribute to the network, the more chances you have to get BZZ.

Which nodes will be eligible for the airdrop?

The nodes that will be eligible for BZZ tokens are those that have proven exchanged bandwidth with what we call trusted “Queen Bee nodes”.

There are going to be exactly 35 queen…

Only one month after our alpha release, we are happy to announce the beta release of Bee-js. It’s a Javascript library which exposes the Bee functionalities and makes it easy to use in web projects.

The beta version adds support for Feeds and Single-Owner Chunks along with Balance, Chequebook and Settlement APIs.

You can download it from here:

Here is the detailed changelog:

We also get a lot of questions about our future plans, so we thought it’s high time to write about them.

The goal of the Bee Javascript team is to make decentralized applications on Swarm…

As we head towards the Swarm 1.0 release, we are working hard on expanding the network as much as possible. We are happy to see that the number of active Bee nodes is bigger day by day and the reality of a truly decentralized world computer is closer than ever.

At the latest count, the Swarm network consists of +4000 nodes.

Why should you join our network as soon as possible?


  • you are contributing to our mission for a fully decentralized web3,
  • you are enabling a fair data economy,
  • you are helping the internet to become censorship-resistant,
  • AND(!) you…

For the last few weeks, the Swarm community has been growing rapidly. Hordes of people have come to join the network in its early stages.

This is why it’s time to rethink and organize the tech support in a more structured way. To do so, we decided to join all official Swarm communication channels in Discord and to slowly abandon the old ones.

There will be separate channels for tech support, token sale, airdrop, and other Swarm-related topics. We are working hard on ensuring tech support in several different languages. Chinese and Russian tech support is already available on Discord.

If you attended the Liberate Data hackathon last week, then you’ll know we had an amazing time. We were truly humbled by the participation and the support shown. It lifts the spirit to see how many people are engaged in what we are doing and even more so, what happens when the imagination goes wild and people start inventing their own projects on top of Swarm.

Talks, demos, and valuable announcements

The week was busy and each day was devoted to a fair-data-specific topic. Presentations, demos, and exclusive announcements were made on a daily basis. All this valuable content will…

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