As we head towards the Swarm 1.0 release, we are working hard on expanding the network as much as possible. We are happy to see that the number of active Bee nodes is bigger day by day and the reality of a truly decentralized world computer is closer than ever.

At the latest count, the Swarm network consists of +4000 nodes.

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Why should you join our network as soon as possible?


  • you are contributing to our mission for a fully decentralized web3,
  • you are enabling a fair data economy,
  • you are helping the internet to become censorship-resistant,
  • AND(!) you…

For the last few weeks, the Swarm community has been growing rapidly. Hordes of people have come to join the network in its early stages.

This is why it’s time to rethink and organize the tech support in a more structured way. To do so, we decided to join all official Swarm communication channels in Discord and to slowly abandon the old ones.

There will be separate channels for tech support, token sale, airdrop, and other Swarm-related topics. We are working hard on ensuring tech support in several different languages. Chinese and Russian tech support is already available on Discord.

If you attended the Liberate Data hackathon last week, then you’ll know we had an amazing time. We were truly humbled by the participation and the support shown. It lifts the spirit to see how many people are engaged in what we are doing and even more so, what happens when the imagination goes wild and people start inventing their own projects on top of Swarm.

Talks, demos, and valuable announcements

The week was busy and each day was devoted to a fair-data-specific topic. Presentations, demos, and exclusive announcements were made on a daily basis. All this valuable content will…

Yes, you read it right. Swarm is giving out 1 million BZZ tokens to the people who already run a Bee node on the testnet. We call this airdrop “The Rise of Bee”.


  1. Swarm is airdropping 1 million BZZ tokens.
  2. To be part of the airdrop you must run and install a Bee node.
  3. The more you contribute to the network the more chances you have to get BZZ tokens.
  4. You need to cash out cheques from the qBee nodes to receive the tokens before Swarm goes to mainnet.
  5. There are several ways of installing and running a Bee…

The beginning of 2021 was busy as always. After a short New Years’ Eve break, the team dived right back into work and we are happy to share two new releases — the new release of Swarm Bee and the Alpha release of the bee-js libraries.

The comms team was busy planning and organizing the Liberate Data Week hackathon that is happening this week. This event is organized by Fair Data Society and it will cover many fair-data-related topics. …

Swarm is about to take a giant step closer to the mainnet release by deploying a new release of Swarm. The upcoming release (estimated Tuesday, 9 February, 09:00 CET) includes, among others, an integration with Bzzaar (on Goerli).

Bzzaar replaces the faucet and is the place where you can purchase gBZZ with gETH or gDAI. If you are a node operator, you should update your node as soon as the new release is out. The faster the majority of nodes are updated, the quicker the network will recover. …

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  • Swarm reached an important fundraising goal, completing a $6m private fundraising round.
  • The secured funds will result in Swarm version 1.0, to be released in Q2 this year. We are hiring.
  • Bitcoin Suisse supported Swarm in facilitating the private fundraiser.

Zug, Switzerland — 6 February 2021

Swarm Association is pleased to announce the successful completion of its private fundraiser that ended with the recent Swarm Live release, raising USD 6 million.

Gregor Žavcer, Operation Lead at Swarm comments: “The successful completion of the private fundraising is a crucial step forward for Swarm to secure funds for development towards our vision…

As you probably know, the JavaScript team is one of the latest additions to the Ethereum Swarm organization. The team has been working relentlessly and here are the first fruits of their work.

We are proud to present the bee-js Alpha release:

Bee-js is a library which exposes the Bee functionalities in JavaScript and makes it easy to use in web projects. This will come in handy especially for developers who want to develop dApps on top of Swarm. You will be able to create truly decentralized dApps in minutes. And for those who love TypeScript, we do too!

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Make sure you don’t miss the Liberate Data Week, a Fair Data Society organized event, that will run from 8–14 February 2021.

Liberate Data Week

Fair Data Society is organizing a Liberate Data Week that will consist of two major parts: the hackathon and the supporting events. The main theme of the hackathon is fair data economy.

Register now — click here.

About the event

The hackathon kicks off on Monday, 8 February with an opening event, where participants get their final instructions and details of the hackathon. …

As 2020 is becoming a thing of the past, it is time to evaluate what Swarm achieved throughout the year and share its plans for this year. The entire team is extremely proud of what we delivered. 2020 was the year of many opportunities and challenges, organizational as well as code-wise. In many ways, the project matured ready for the release of 1.0 which is just around the corner. In this post, you’ll find a recap of the defining moments of 2020.,

A new Swarm Network, four versions of Bee

In 2020, a new Swarm Network was created, parallel to the “old” Swarm network. There were also four…

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